Saturday, March 03, 2007


Where go the days and hours so quickly? Why do I keep looking up and realizing that another week is gone? False sensations and overplanning leave my mind skipping and the days also. In attempts to remove routine somehow I managed to develop dependency on the avoided. The avoided stacks up and falls down on the days meant for relaxation. But why relax, not enough time. I have fought to maintain that my path is my own for the making, but I have aquired the losses of a path down wandering. Wandering is overwhelming when the goal is near and yet out of sight. It seems there is so much to discover and to begin to know. How can I seek to know the things which bring me guilty shots from the ones I love? These restless thoughts and wonderings of my continuous failure in approval from others and from my own pride cause the scattering of my last remaining unchallenged beliefs. Recourse and recovery. Diminish the search for the desires and wants of other aesthetic sensabilities and return to what is known to be pleasing to the self.

I miss being outside. The randomness and constant movement of the senses are and should always be remembered to be a vital part of maintaining creative order and balance in the expression of ideas. If we pursue a natural consilience and order, a thoughtful tribute to evolved chaos, then a bubble would only anesthetize the motive. Equally as threatening as a bubble of self-centeredness would be a continuous link with another bubble. Learn from those with much experience yes, but always seek further the relation of your own experience to your path. If it seems too dark in the morning and the pillow seems safer then the door, then try and remember at what point it began? At what points does it occur more often? If we cannot reconcile our actions with what we know to be a good, ethical, fruitful life, then our conscience (if we choose to maintain one) will not allow us to continue towards our own eventual destruction.

Now are times of much contraversy on every front. Many new factions to watch proclaiming that we are doomed if our wrongs against their own sensabilities are not rectified. We all scream in alarm at the first cause which catches our heart strings. We cannot align the misfortune of entire segments of the population with our knowledge that we are here to sustain one another not step on the foreheads of those who are not looking.

But if we all find ourselves screaming at someone, and those someones share a roof, where should our knocks be heard?

Narcissists they call us. But we are not the first. The closed minds of our pitiful state of affairs believe that the progression of the individual only arouses dissention. They believe that a subscription to a seemingly invinsible wisdom of an enduring warish religion and its prescribed ethics will not only relieve them of their burdens in personal responsibility but also ensure their deveopment of a comfortably controllable state of affairs. These fundamentalists ignorami seem harmless care of their wobble back bone and lack of logic and learning, but the problem with sheep...

Although a mobilization would be nightmarish to collaborate and against our main principles, we must at least recognize the mobilized nature of those we truly fight and realize that against them, we can all agree.

In what do you believe? On what do you base your opinion? On friends and family? Puffed up speeches and the flashy marketing of hollow ideology aimed directly at you? Hopefully not. In my opinion, an opinion should be an interpretation of an analysis of fact. Three main principles I base most decisions on are the following. Do we have present?: The progression of the individual, the constant pursuit of the equal, unbiased perveyance of information, and the pursuit of a more fair judiciary. These are primarily domestic principles, a global outlook requires more wideswept thinking. Look to the power of the courts for a theif in the night approach to government. We must be heard before the robes decide. Choose a battery of issues which represent your ideals in fairness and freedom. Speak out. Speak to your friends, educate the up and coming for what they can do to LEARN MORE. I can hear the murmur of huddled intellectual discourse. Branch out. You are founded and you know your justifications. Bring back the power of the liberal intellectual. We cannot fight extremism with more polarity. As the far right distances themselves further from fair reality, open minds and lives with a steady reverberation of logic and truth.


Sweet Heart of the Song Tra Bong said...

i have lost all sense of time lately. doing things with and for other people, the world. i woke up the other day and realized i was spending more time on the computer and at work than with myself and it hurt to see that.

miss you, miss o'dell.

Sweet Heart of the Song Tra Bong said...

ps - la la love, anna, your not-so-long-ago neighbor