Monday, May 14, 2007

Thin layers of water cloud my vision as I glance around the room. Feeling my unsteadiness, the space around me waits in apprehension to see my next move. Will I fall now to the floor and kick and scream? Will I denounce the power that has held me for so long? Nope, I'll burn them back down. Like the second shot of liquor, a little sweeter from the action this time. Apparently these days are the learn to live to fight for another days, because every time I think I've learned something, life is there with another bucket of cold water for me. This time to make sure I choke on the pride I was busy swallowing.

There are so many answers, if I only could come to the questions. So many answers, but so many lies, all grinning from every direction. If only I could take these lines and spread em around like a map on the dash. See whats really in between, waiting like a theif. There's an I before an E except after see I told you so. Don't matter, not at all, because what they don't know. Is what they can't see, cause the lights are off, but I can see in the dark and I can see what you won't. What he left out, what she spelled out, and what's spiraling out of control. You wanna blame it on the next best polarity despite the parody on deck to unfold. So don't come to me with some hypocrisy, best foot forward, man who broke the mold. I just want someone to know me. But here I am. Skint one more time, but my arms still feel strong, and I've got streams of words pulling me along. And that makes this a perfect time to say: Thank you to the ones I love for never giving up, and never giving up on me.

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