Saturday, September 23, 2006

Blending media

After long searching and years of knuckles bloodied to the bone, I have decided to lay my pursuits in Biological Engineering under the sheets. Not down around my ankles, useless or forgotten, but with me on my pillow as I sleep and dream of the flesh I'll bend tomorrow before I make it hot and stone like bone.

The purpose of this blog is to track my learning. I am a beginner potter/ceramist if you count the hours spent with hands covered in slip, but in my lifetime, memory, and experience, I have been at this for as long as the slightly less amateur.

My lover and I have left it all to pursue what we know to be more noble than all other things we could put our heavy minds to. He is pursuing blacksmithing and I am pursuing well, you know. Both of us have chosen ancient arts whose roots are in function and whose present condition is in need of a little...introduction...information...innovation. We believe that because we have more technical, inventoresque, backgrounds, that we can approach these mediums with fresh vigor and passion, and with eachother, great things are bound to happen.

To track his learning also see his blog, generation i blacksmithing.

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