Monday, September 25, 2006

kiln videos and thoughts

one of many stokes to a wood fired kiln. I've been wondering lately if this intense process cannot instead be widdled down to its basics. It's my ever-so-amateur hypothesis that the effects of woodburning are generated by incinerated cellulose and ash swirling aroundthe natural convection forces withing these massive kilns giving them that warm ambered effect. The effects are similar to soda firing which we know is caused by swirling and landing vapors. So what if we simulated the wood firing environment with convection streams and incinerated algae, just a thought, a repeating, unfolding and slightly addictive little thought.

Next is a beautiful series showing the life of an anagama firing. I love the zen-like silence of the artists, so calm and in touch with their work. Unpretentious and refreshing. All short, so not too much of a commitment to enjoy:

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