Friday, September 29, 2006

Never Say Always

After years of listening, analyzing, absorbing, and
re-re-re-analyzing everything that is said to me by the men in my life, I have come to understand that there are a few words that I can rarely tolerate. Never and Always. These words, when directed towards me, take on a deeper meaning, because if I never do something, or I always do something, then those things must be inescapable to me regardless of my heart or intent. From a young age, girls absorb all the apparent inescapables and create in themselves a quiet hidden self-loathing which is responsible for a decaying self image, lack of confidence, and sway in determination. My sculpture, "Never Say Always," is meant to depict this inescapable awareness of flaws. It was hammered into me long enough where it almost rendered me useless. Almost. But now I know to say, "never say always or never to me, because those words are always incorrect." Self-pity and doubt must be rejected by the women of our generation. We have been handed an attainable world, and it is our responsibility to grasp the hands of men and other women and stand tall. We must be proud of the forward motion of our time and lay pettiness aside.

The plan for the finish includes fragile and delicate collarbones coupled with thin strong arms bound up and behind her by wire to make a handle. The handle will be full of spikes and points rendering her only obvious use useless, but leaving her beautiful and complicated and full of purpose and meaning to me.

peace in pieces, I say.

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